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PepeZilla Staking

Procedure for Staking

One of the numerous ways the PepeZilla decentralized financial network gives users passive income is by staking tokens to get incentives. When a user "stakes" a token, the token is no longer in the user's wallet but is instead in the smart contract for the protocol. The protocol offers incentives in the form of extra tokens, either of the same kind as the staked token or a different token, in exchange for this brief commitment of money.
The staking options offered by PepeZilla are intended to maximize shareholder profits while imposing the fewest possible costs on the protocol. By using this strategy, PepeZilla makes sure that the resources of our consumers are always our first concern.

​Using Staking Pools

The simplest way to generate profits on your PepeZilla and other stable currencies is through single-asset staking pools. To use a Staking Pool, which gives rewards in another token of choosing, users just require one kind of token.

​Staking Pools

Staking Pools allow users to stake the PepeZilla or other tokens they've purchased, converted, or earned through yield farming or lending, to earn more $PepeZilla or tokens from partner projects.
An input token and a reward token are present in every Staking Pool. Every Staking Pool's input token within PepeZilla is PepeZilla. Either PepeZilla or a token from one of PepeZilla 's partner projects serves as the prize tokens.