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Don't miss out on the opportunity to own a piece of the PEPEZILLA project and join the exclusive NFT holders group!
In addition to the PEPEZILLA, we will also be launching a collection of NFTs. The NFTs will be divided into two categories: a free collection and a pay collection.
The free collection is aimed at attracting investors to the PEPEZILLA ecosystem, and will consist of a limited number of unique and exclusive NFTs
The pay collection, on the other hand, will be a collection of premium NFTs that will reflect the fees generated by the PepeZilla.
By offering both a free and a pay collection of NFTs, we aim to provide additional value to $PEPEZILLA holders and create a unique and engaging ecosystem that rewards active participation and engagement
The second issue will be decision-making during the DAO - NFT holders will have an additional number of votes during the voting, i.e. they will actually have a greater impact on the development of the project.